Standardization of prepress and flexo plates across India gives an edge to brand owners

Creative Graphics quickly modernizes Tanushii for its pan-India roll-out


Chennai (India), October 26th, 2017India’s largest packaging prepress and flexographic plate provider has expanded in the past three years with its new full-fledged plant in Mumbai and the acquisition earlier this year of Color Dot, one of the oldest flexo trade shops in the country. Creative Graphics has renamed its wholly owned Chennai acquisition Tanushii, although the clients, human resources and the location remain the same.

Tanushii was already a company with an excellent reputation and a user of Esko Packedge, Plato and Automation Engine software. Now, as a part of its rapid modernization and integration in the Creative Graphics group, Esko’s Imaging Engine and a new Esko CDI Spark 4260 and HD Flexo for digital imaging of flexo plates at the highest quality possible have been installed.  Karan Talwar of Esko says, “Creative Graphics investment in replication of processes and the purchase of a third Esko Spark with HD Flexo in a third location shows great confidence in Esko and is a huge endorsement of our products and our team.”

The addition of Esko’s Imaging Engine software and the new Esko CDI Spark and HD Flexo digital imager mean that Creative Graphics plants in Noida, Mumbai and Chennai all use the same software and hardware. This complete replication of technology levels and hardware across all locations means that the company can standardize its processes across all its locations and meet the instant and immediate needs of brand owners and packaging suppliers in the North, West and South of the country with ease.

Creative Graphics and Tanushii owner Deepanshu Goel with Esko CDI Spark 4260 at Tanushii, Chennai, India Creative Graphics and Tanushii owner Deepanshu Goel with Esko CDI Spark 4260 at Tanushii, Chennai, India

Brand owners stand to benefit from the high quality standardization of their packaging across regions. Key to this is that they can specify prepress and flexo plates to be procured from a single qualified and HD Flexo certified supplier who has production facilities in all regions. The use of standardized prepress and digital imaged flexo plates can go a long way in specifying the quality expectations and tolerances from packaging printers and converters.

Creative Graphics and Tanushii owner Deepanshu Goel says, “Not only can we help brand owners and converters in achieving uniform quality across all their packaging in the entire country, but we are also offering our employees across all locations the same opportunity to achieve the same quality and success.” At the same time, packaging suppliers can be systematically developed using standardized inputs and parameters and eventually, high quality packaging will look the same and reinforce the brand no matter where in the country it is seen on the shelf.

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