Mexico-based Printel increases productivity 40% with the help of two Esko Kongsberg finishing tables

São Paulo (Brazil), February, 2016 – Printel, a Mexico based company that has invested in two Esko Kongsberg digital finishing tables, reports that its productivity has increased nearly 40% this year, in part due to the wider range of projects it can now complete for its clients.

Founded in 1989 and based in Monterrey and Mexico City, Printel, S.A. De C.V. is a leader in professional services of large format digital printing, signage and POS materials. They specialize in companies' corporate identities: their color/digital printing for interior signage, outdoor advertising and promotions, decorated flex faces and LEDs and they offer aluminum panels for corporate facades.

Printel operates the latest digital printing technology in three shifts, outputting more than 350,000 square meters on a monthly basis. They offer a wide range of services, from design to on site delivery and logistics. "We have a system of high-tech water-based digital printing offering high volumes and low cost," says Arturo Gómez, Marketing & Projects Manager. "Our strategic alliances allow us to offer the best quality, always on time."

Two years ago Printel was operating two cutting machines. They were adequate, but the process was slow, particularly with some difficult substrates. They were also limited to the shapes they could make. Printel believed that they could benefit from a faster, more productive cutting table, and wanted to do more than just cutting. "The cutters were too noisy," comments Gómez. "In the production area, it is important to reduce noise to improve the work environment for our employees. "We think about the well-being of our people."

Printel saw the Kongsberg C cutting table and realized that the speed and versatility of its system would be very helpful for them. They purchased the Kongsberg C, and invested in a second one a year later. "The Esko team that implemented our first Kongsberg C did a great job," says Gómez. "The first machine was installed by a certified technician, along with another person to teach us how to operate the machine. Of course, the second machine took less time because we had much more operating experience. They just helped with its installation."

With the Kongsberg C, Printel can produce the same items at double the speed. And, at the same speed, they can cut much more complicated designs. They have also relied on the Kongsberg C to do much more than just cutting. "These tables had more solutions than we thought, with more tools and blades. We can expand the work that we do with them," notes Gómez. We can also enhance the varieties of the materials we work with, such as corrugated, coroplast, plastics, and acrylics. The excellent suction on the table holds the materials well. With our older machines we had good results with some of the materials, but unsatisfactory results on others. With the Kongsberg C, the results are very clean and fast."

In the past year, Printel has modified their work with a wide range of projects much different than the work they did before. "We have revolutionized the way we finish our work," adds Gómez. In the past few year’s projects, we needed to produce more difficult ones. With the Kongsberg C, we have been able to create more complex items. People are fascinated with the limits they can reach."

This has helped Printel reach their sales goals and objectives. “The projects were more complex and we just were not able to produce them last year."

Some clients with complex jobs test us out to see who is the most qualified provider with the best time and quality for a certain project. "The criteria is basically who can assure production capability and capacity and produce the entire project. Some clients visit us to see our machines," comments Gómez. "While we have not heard too much directly from our customers, we have noticed that now we are making products that we would not have created before. The Kongsberg C has convinced clients to work with us as a trusted provider."

"What is surprising to us is that, even now, we have not used all the capabilities of the machines," says Gómez. "For example, we discovered that it could move material automatically, so we can be faster. It's a definite advantage for continuous, competitive jobs that have to be produced as quickly as possible."

"One of our major customers requires supermarket displays from us, fitted for themed quarterly promotions. For example, in the spring we might produce something where we have to cut branches of a coconut tree. In the summer we might produce something with the sun and a holiday theme. In September, they usually celebrate Independence Day. We will cut a piñata, guitars and Mexican toys," describes Gómez. "They are quite complicated with a high degree of cutting. They are made of corrugated carton where it can be difficult to cut special shapes. The client requires that these should be cut quit clean. Before we could not get any projects from those clients. However, with the Kongsberg C, we typically produce three of the four projects a year.

“This year has been very good for Printel. Clients want to complete their communications programs, visit Printel's facilities, and are very comfortable working with us” says Gómez.

"The Kongsberg C is much more than a functional machine. It is impressive that it has all of its capabilities, along with its speed and quality—and variety of materials we are able to use," concludes Gómez. “While we had to outsource some of our work in the past, which is no longer the case. The Kongsberg C has met all our requirements. We have been very satisfied with the Kongsberg C machines, both in Monterrey and Mexico. I have no doubts that, in the future, if we need to replace one of our older cutting machines or add another one, the Kongsberg C is a valuable option.

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