Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen chooses Esko to boost quality in display construction

Ghent (Belgium), 18 May 2016Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen, based in Scheeßel, Germany, has invested in a Kongsberg XN22 cutting system from Esko in order to be more responsive to customer requirements for fast turn display prototypes and small series production. The machine replaces a 15-year-old cutting system from another manufacturer that had passed its technical peak. In view of today’s preference for customised branding, the renowned German manufacturer of displays and packaging opted for a state-of-the-art digital cutting system in order to more efficiently respond to customer needs in sample making and small-series production with higher-quality output.

“It was our development team who ultimately made the decision,” explains Julian Röhrs, Managing Director at Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen. “Following a thorough review of all cutting devices available on the market, the best option by far turned out to be a solution from Esko.” One of the primary reasons behind this decision was the ease of use of the Kongsberg XN22. It outperformed the competition by a wide margin in terms of productivity and versatility – offering not only the ability to get users up to speed quickly but also easy day-to-day operation.”

“Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen delivers innovative products and creative solutions all over Europe with attention to detail and exceptional customer service that sets them apart,” adds Rita Eisenblätter, Sales Account Manager at Esko. “Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen and Esko complement one another perfectly in this regard since both companies place great emphasis on quality and customer service. With Kongsberg’s tried and tested technology and ongoing development of new capabilities, Esko aligns well with Dönitz’s corporate philosophy of seeking innovation, reliability and flexibility in its business partners.”


Emphasis on customised display solutions

On a weekly basis, about 100 cutting and creasing jobs of varying run lengths are finished on the Kongsberg system at Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen. These are primarily display prototypes, exhibition samples, unique specimens for presentations or individual display components required in small quantities. In terms of size, items range from small counter display units for pharmacies to large-scale placements on europallets. Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen works with a wide range of materials, including corrugated cardboard, solid fibre board and carton in all available varieties.

The fast data transfer speed, precise cutting paths and the high running speed of 50m/min of the Kongsberg cutting system deliver additional benefits for Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen. Rigid and thick materials can be processed at consistently high production speeds. Even on corrugated cardboard made from test liner, which can easily tear during cutting, the Kongsberg delivers smooth and perfect edges. Whenever queries arise from the Dönitz development team, Esko’s customer service is on hand within hours to provide support. This is an additional reason why Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen is so satisfied with its investment in the Kongsberg equipment: “It is just right for us”, sums up Julian Röhrs. “And we can’t ask for a better partner than Esko.”


Kongsberg XN22: Powerful and versatile

The Kongsberg XN series from Esko is one of the most powerful and versatile digital finishing devices on the market for the production of displays, packaging and other advertising vehicles.  It is available in seven different sizes, from 1680 x 1270 mm (66” x 50”) to 2210 x 6550 mm (87” x 258”). The model in operation at Dönitz has a work surface of 1680 x 2190 mm. The machine comes with a wide range of specialty tools, offering speed, power and flexibility to automatically handle a wide variety of materials, such as corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, wood and a long list of plastics. It ensures highly efficient production and allows easy and extremely precise alignment of the cutting outline with the printed image.


About Dönitz Displays & Verpackungen

Aug. Dönitz Verpackungen GmbH was founded in Scheeßel, Germany, in 1992. The independent, family-run medium-sized enterprise has since become an established player in converting and finishing corrugated cardboard, carton and paper. Developing and implementing innovative and creative solutions to achieve the perfect presentation method for goods and brands at the point of sale has been the main goal from the start and remains the company’s focus to this day. Its customer base is made up of well-known brands and customers from trade and industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. About 110 employees are currently operating in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. www.doenitz-verpackungen.de

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