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Equinox helps Janoschka cover its customers' multicolor printing needs

May 31 2012

Gent (Belgium), May 31, 2012 – Experienced prepress leader in the packaging market for over 30 years, Janoschka recently decided to implement Equinox in its Barcelona facilities. The investment has helped the company to further improve the service to its customers in segments as diverse as flexible packaging, the tobacco and design industry.

Carlos Anguita, Graphic Consultant at Janoschka, explains the reason behind this implementation: "We chose Equinox for its compatibility with our tools as well as the range of possibilities it offers. It perfectly suits our production needs and our customers' requirements, especially in the flexo area where it reduces the quality differences compared to other printing techniques. This is possible because Equinox resolves some difficulties encountered in flexography, such as color depth and gamut. Thanks to Equinox we achieve an expanded color gamut."

Carlos confirms that Equinox has become an essential asset to Janoschka because it allows the company to convert color profiles for printing. As a result, they are not limited to the typical RGB colors normally used with other technologies, can choose any color that helps to achieve the desired color gamut. "Thanks to Equinox, Janoschka has improved productivity, reduced production costs and eliminated downtime," he concludes.

Janoschka color expert Carlos Anguita works with equinox for extended gamut printing