DAM company MediaBeacon joins Esko - Esko

DAM company MediaBeacon joins Esko

April 27 2015


Esko acquires MediaBeacon to expand on digital asset management services.
MediaBeacon is an award-winning solutions provider for digital asset management.



Digital asset management (DAM) software
centralizes content across all media types.

A closer look at digital asset management

Brand owners have various outputs for their products: packaging, in-store displays and signage, advertising material …


Printers need to keep up with the increasing pressure on error-free and timely production.


Digital asset management (DAM) software centralizes the management of these numerous products for all stakeholders in the supply chain. It allows businesses to control their content across all media types.



MediaBeacon logo

About Mediabeacon

MediaBeacon's intuitive solutions allow organizations to find, organize, convert, track, and distribute their digital assets. Many industries implement these DAM solutions, including Media and Entertainment, Print and Publishing, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Academia.

For more information, visit www.mediabeacon.com.



widget-based digital asset management
The widget-based interface of the MediaBeacon
Digital Asset Management (DAM) suite
empowers you without imposing rigid workflows.

Acquisition for future growth

With the expertise of MediaBeacon on board, Esko customers are offered not only integrated prepress software tools, but an entire end-to-end solution.


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For more information on MediaBeacon, visit www.mediabeacon.com.