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NEW: Kongsberg XN digital finishing table

June 26 2012

The Kongsberg XN is easily the most versatile digital finishing device ever introduced. Is your focus on 2D or 3D? Do you produce packaging, signs or displays? Are you working with just about any material from vinyls to boards to wood? The Kongsberg XN is perfect for any job or application.

Meet the Kongsberg XN
The Kongsberg XN is available in seven different sizes from 1680 x 1270 mm (66” x 50”) to 2210 x 6550 mm (87” x 258”).

1. Table Mapping:
Dynamic table mapping procedure provides realtime update to the exact field conditions.
2.i-cut Vision Pro
ensures highly efficient production along with simple and extremely  accurate print-to-cut registration, even with print-distorted materials.
3. Tool exchange:
Exchanging different tools is quick, toolfree and error-free, because every insert is identified by a unique bar code.
4.Sandwich steel construction:
The XN series features the famous, rock-solid Kongsberg tabletop construction that will never warp or go out of level, even after decades of heavy use.
A set of  advanced, quick-change toolheads provides unsurpassed versatility, making it easy to set up the machine to process
any material for just about any application.
6.Tool inserts:
Insert knife  tools are available for cutting all relevant materials ranging from thin paper to synthetic sheets through heavy-duty packaging and display
Kongsberg XN tables can be configured for milling applications ranging from sporadic, light-duty routing to lengthy jobs working with heavy-duty materials.
8.Rack-and-pinion drive system:
Provides speed, durability and strength. Easily able to drive through dense/thick materials. 
The XN Series offers the raw strength required to process even the most rugged materials at high-production speeds. Kongsberg XN tables will keep on going when others might quit.

See the Kongsberg XN in action

Kongsberg XN


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