Analysts - Esko

Leading business consultants around the world review and comment on Esko solutions. A selection of references:

Hype Cycle for Process Manufacturing and PLM, 2015
24 July 2015

“Companies successful with label and artwork management software will have fewer labeling and artwork errors, and are less likely to be noncompliant with labeling regulations in different markets. They also save time and cost when changes to products necessitate revisions to artwork and labeling content, such as graphics, nutritional information, safety information and color schemes. Consistent artwork on packaging also reduces the risk of consumer confusion or misidentification of products when the artwork between paper or online advertisements and the packaging on the shelf don’t match. Companies that can rapidly change their artwork and labeling are also better positioned to react quickly to market trends to make their packaging more relevant and appealing to customers, or to changes in regulatory or social compliance requirements.”

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Market Guide for Label and Artwork Management Software Vendors
9 October 2014

Gartner sees Esko as among the most prominent labeling and artwork providers across Gartner clientele. Esko has a deep heritage in product branding, and evolved through a number of M&As, with Esko now as a prominent global presence in labeling and artwork creation and management software. When reviewing Esko's capabilities, strong functionality and ease of use stands out. Also, Esko has a growing services business that serves the full supply chain needed to support packaging, including procuring materials, printing and packaging design. Esko emphasizes the ability to design and review labeling and artwork in 3D.

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