A DAM digital asset management system for packaging

Esko Platform for Brands allows you to gain control of your packaging assets with a DAM digital asset management system.

  • Do you know where your packaging assets are?
  • Ever used the wrong version of a file?
  • Where’s your library of packaging specifications?

With the increasingly global nature of packaging today it becomes increasingly important to have one, standard repository for your assets. In Esko Platform for Brands, MediaBeacon digital asset management solution can be used by all stakeholders in your packaging supply chain.

How brands go to market faster

How brands can go to market faster & more efficiently

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Digital asset library: keep track of increasing number variations

Contemporary retail demands much more than just attractive primary packaging. Secondary packaging is increasingly becoming full color, retail ready packaging, designed to live in harmony with the primary package and fit perfectly to the store shelf.

Often this is complimented by an in-store display unit, which must also work with the primary & secondary packages. In club stores and increasingly in mainstream grocery retailers this concept is stretched even further with retail ready pallet displays where the entire pallet is positioned in-store. In this case the retail concept of the product has to be considered when designing everything from the primary package to the paper skirt to hide the wooden pallet. All this leads to an explosion of the number of packaging assets that need to be handled by packaging process stakeholders:

Use a digital asset repository to keep track of:

  • CAD drawings
  • brand imaging
  • artwork
  • specifications
  • calculations
  • orders
  • marketing materials
  • campaign images
Digital asset management - Increasing number of product variations

Online proofing software

The best digital asset management solution comes with powerful online proofing

Esko Platform for Brands uses MediaBeacon as digital asset management system and WebCenter to manage pre-production approval and project life cycle.

WebCenter’s asset portal is an integrated part of the standard packaging project management system, meaning it’s always up to date with all the latest approved content. Combine the digital asset management functionalities with online proofing, and the result is a powerful example of collaboration software that is the cornerstone of a packaging supply chain management system.

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