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The Platform provides you with a single view into new product development or product updates. It creates a single source of brand truth for employees, partners and retailers for appropriate use and reuse.

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About Esko Platform for Brands

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Deliver powerful omnichannel marketing & packaging content

Esko Platform for Brands is a collaborative platform to specify, create, manage, publish and analyze the performance of packaging and marketing assets. This video is an introduction on how this platform can help your team create a single source of truth for a simplified and effective go-to-market.

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Connect all stakeholders—whether people, partners, processes or systems—creating a seamless work experience based on automation, transparency and doing the right thing at the right time.



Provide a wide range of options to create something new faster than ever thought possible, increasing time to market by up to 50%. Be it designs, content, video, 3D, or just ideas, brands have the right tools, fully integrated into existing workflows.



Establish and protect the Single Source of Truth, enabling brands to control and leverage their assets and eliminate costly rework. Powerful and intuitive search capabilities ensure that partners and staff can find the materials they need and use them only for the intended purpose.



Deliver the brand the way envisioned, regardless of whether it’s a digital or physical representation. Additionally, that asset is used and reused consistently across all channels, including social media, e-commerce, retail, and print.



Drive content strategy with insights into the use and effectiveness of assets with performance dashboards.

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Business benefits

Modular setup

Each component of the Esko Software Platform for Brands can be purchased as needed and configured to your exact needs.


Esko integrates with all systems that hold product and marketing information (e.g. ERP, MIS, PLM, etc.)

SaaS or on-premise

Esko offers both hosted and on premise configuration of the system, allowing you as much or as little overhead and system management as desired.

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