Why Choose Esko?

It’s often said, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Nowhere is that more true than in packaging. In fact, it is one of the first touchpoints brands have with consumers. At Esko, we believe there are 5 pillars to packaging success. Let’s explore each pillar to learn how our solutions help your brands every day.

Product and Consumer Safety

Packaging is a key part of delivering a safe and complete product to the consumer. When something goes awry with the packaging, consumers notice. Packaging is synonymous with protection. It must be strong enough to weather environmental factors (see what we did there) while ensuring the quality of the product isn’t compromised.

Packaging ensures products are safe to use and consume. A package or label with incorrect or incomplete information is not only costly and damaging, but also dangerous for consumers.

How Esko Solutions Help

  • ArtiosCAD is a 3D design software that automatically creates packaging components that fit the product
  • Cape Pack is a palletization software assuring the product survives the journey from manufacturing to the store shelf
  • Cape Cloud compression strength analysis automatically evaluates and calculates the impact of changing packaging materials or weights, how they’re palletized, and environmental factors
  • WebCenter routes artwork reliably through a defined process, replacing manual methods such as project folders and routing via email
  • WebCenter’s Content Management module quickly routes content changes through a predefined process that reduces the risk of errors

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Consumers expect brands to be sustainable. Sustainability has therefore become a key component of packaging. Brands must find the balance between protecting a product, minimizing material usage, and satisfying their consumers.

How Esko Solutions Help

  • ArtiosCAD enables brands to redesign packaging quickly and efficiently. It automatically finds and fixes problems during design while providing time to create concepts and find the best sustainable solution between rightsizing and reducing material use
  • Cape Pack can calculate hundreds of potential pallet solutions in seconds. This helps you choose the best solution to transport more products with less trucks on the road, reducing your carbon footprint

Consumer Engagement

A consumer’s first encounter with a product is an initial moment of truth. Whether physically or virtually, was the package eye-catching, and if so, how? Did the packaging accomplish the goal of causing a purchase?

Importantly, if the packaging in store appears different from its online counterpart, consumers may choose a different brand. Packaging consistency is therefore key.

How Esko Solutions Help

  • ArtiosCAD enables you to create 2D and 3D packaging designs, resize designs to fit a product, create internal fitments, and present it all in 3D
  • Studio allows designers to view their artwork in 3D, including specialty finishing that gives the packaging a luxurious look
  • Store Visualizer lets you test the impact of packaging designs in a virtual retail environment so you can choose the most impactful concept
  • Desk Pack includes a kit of plugins for Illustrator and Photoshop to create and manage the unique requirements of packaging such as inks, barcodes, and tables
  • WebCenter’s Packaging Content Management dynamic content plugin for Illustrator automatically links artwork placeholders to content in WebCenter
  • WebCenter’s Automated Packshots module generates photorealistic product images as part of your existing workflow
  • WebCenter’s Content management module allows you to reuse approved content in online submissions
  • WebCenter’s Color Trace provides printers with the information required to achieve the right packaging colors and ensure color consistency

Speed to Market

Brands must be as accurate and efficient as possible to get to market as fast as they can. Time is of the essence.

How Esko Solutions Help

  • Automated Packshots gives brands the ability to approve pack shots in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Integrations automate data transfer from approved assets
  • WebCenter connects your ecosystem for rapid and seamless information exchange. Content management, Automated Packshots and Color Trace are completely integrated within WebCenter
  • ArtiosCAD, Store Visualizer, and Cape Pack are integrated, connecting departments and stakeholders
  • Esko Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provides connectivity between Esko products and your solutions to collect, manage, and transmit data to its destination

Trust, Loyalty, and Brand Equity

Building brand trust and consumer loyalty ultimately translates into brand equity. Like trust, brand loyalty is built over time but can be lost in a moment. Brands need partners and solutions to help them maintain it.

The Esko Impact

Esko helps you establish trust and build loyalty with your consumers. We develop solutions that empower companies to maximize their digital processes for packaging, labels, artwork, and other content. Each solution equips marketing, branding, regulatory, and packaging teams to increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their content processes.

We listen to our brand customers, hear their concerns, and develop solutions to help bring relief and spark innovation.