How Norseland Simplified Their Artwork Approval Processes with Share and Approve

Cover of the Norseland testimonial PDF for Esko Share and Approve

Norseland is a cheese company that works with a variety of products and markets, so they are responsible for managing artwork for 400 - 450 SKUs. Since many of their products are the same, just packed differently, there is potential for confusion around the many different artworks they need to manage.

The team at Norseland was managing their artwork review and approval cycles via email, so there was constant confusion and disorganization around which content was final and approved.

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With Share & Approve from Esko, the team at Norseland now conducts their review and approval tasks from a single source, eliminating the previous confusion and errors.

“We’ve been using Share & Approve solution for four months and we estimate that we’ve saved up to £35k avoiding print errors and product recalls.” – Ross Hardwood, Norseland.