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Amway Transforms Their Artwork Management Process with Esko WebCenter

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The high-level growth Amway has experienced since the 1950s has led to it managing around 2,000 artworks per year. This number is set to significantly increase and is the catalyst for the Amway team to find a packaging artwork management solution that would dramatically boost throughput without increasing headcount.

Jake Chapman, group manager of artwork project management at Amway, said: “We can have anything from 5 to 60 approvers on our artworks. Amway products can be sold across 40 countries with many different translations, and so we have to verify that the translated copy and the content on the pack will work for the different regulatory requirements. As you can imagine, that drives a lot of challenges from the artwork approval perspective.”

Amway was managing artwork development and approval through outdated legacy systems, which featured 13+ disconnected systems where items had to be manually moved. Four of the key systems were obsolete and no longer supported by the vendor that originally developed them or by Amway’s internal IT department.

“We had all of these disconnected systems and inefficiencies from duplicating efforts and creating potential errors and we were taking a lot of time to get that content to flow all the way to the end channels where it was needed,” adds Chapman. “This, in a nutshell, was our burning platform for change.”

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