Cutting Table – Kongsberg XP - Esko

Powerful software integration

ArtiosCAD is the leading choice in structural design software for packaging. Combining ArtiosCAD with the Kongsberg XP table brings efficiency and quality output.

This integrated CAD/CAM solution assures a minimum of time is spent on preparing table output. ArtiosCAD makes more information available to the table operator and ensures that line types and CAD functions are correctly handled by the table control software. Obviously, the table opens and works from CAD files directly. There’s no need for a special vector file for table output.

Streamline your large format printing of Sign & Display workflow!

If you upgraded your Kongsberg XP with i-cut functionality, you can eliminate errors, save time and reduce waste with i-cut Suite.

i-cut Suite is a collection of pre-production software targeted specifically at users of large format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems. The different modules of i-cut Suite provide such companies with optimal efficiency and productivity, regardless of the type, source and variety of the incoming job information. i-cut Suite: a collection of for users of large format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems.

i-cut Preflight

i-cut Preflight brings a simple PDF preflighting solution for Large format digital printing. PDF preflighting saves time and solves problems before it’s too late.

i-cut Layout

i-cut Layout optimizes sheet layout. Rectangular shapes, irregular shapes, double sided jobs, oversized jobs, i-cut Layout will always come up with the most cost efficient layout. Nest any job in the most economical way.

i-cut Vision Pro

i-cut Vision Pro makes sure that die-less cutting contours match the printed images perfectly.