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Are you an Esko employees who

-          Knows everything about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

-          Can’t spend a day without making interesting status updates

-          is proud to work for Esko!

If this is you, then you are what we are looking for!

We are looking for brand ambassadors who can help us share the Esko-word throughout their networks, to help us get Esko known as a wonderful place to work.


A team of 25 Esko colleagues has been testing SmarpShare during the last 3 months. SmarpShare is an advocacy tool that makes sharing of Esko content easy and measurable.

The idea is simple: As an Esko employee, you are an incredibly valuable resource and we would love to have you participating in sharing our content in your networks.

You connect with your personal accounts - no worries we do not keep track of passwords, usernames and names of your friends - and start sharing the suggested posts.

Have you seen an interesting article, add it to SmarpShare via propose post and let others share your valuable input. The more you share, the more points you earn, the higher you will rank on the Leaderboard! Check the introduction video here:

Fill in the form below if you want to become an Esko Brand Ambassador.

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