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Imaging Engine

What’s new in Imaging Engine 20?

Download the what’s new presentation here.

What’s new in Imaging Engine 18.1.1?

New 5.3 version of the Adobe PDF Print Engine. This update continues our support for the latest PDF specifications and requirements

Image Resampling. When looking for the highest quality output from Imaging Engine, the Image Resampling option is typically used. With previous versions of Imaging Engine the higher quality output increased processing time. Now with the 18.1.1 update, processing speed for Image Resampling has been dramatically improved. This makes the highest quality output an option for all your production requirements

Object based screening support for Print Control Wizard 'Crystal Screens'. Multiple .CRS screens built via the Print Control Wizard within your press-ready screened file will now be respected by Imaging Engine giving additional control on press

Improvements to the user experience with additional XMP and logging capabilities

What’s new in Imaging Engine 18.1?

Download the full What’s new presentation here .

Highlights in Imaging Engine 18.1:

  • Updated Adobe Kernel Version (APPE 5.1)
  • Print Control Wizard-related parameters
  • About LENX
  • Metallic ink support Epson SC-S80600