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DeskPack: Premium-Druckvorstufen-Plugins für Adobe® Illustrator®
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What’s new in DeskPack 20

Check out the What’s new in DeskPack 20 presentation.

What’s new in DeskPack 18.1.1?

This version includes several improvements to the new trapper based on the ArtPro+ algorithms, which was first released in DeskPack version 18.1:

  • We improved the panning speed and UX in the trapper dialog.
  • We've added support for overshoot when manually trapping. When you drag with the trap tool over the next adjacent color, the trap will overshoot, instead of centerlining.
  • You can now use shortcut CTRL/CMD + 0 to fit to artboard in the trapper dialog.
  • When manually trapping, we now show edge hints like in ArtPro+.

We have extended the Dynamic Marks functionality:

  • Similar to ArtPro+ marks, most mark types now have a custom ink filter, allowing to filter their inks using rules. These rules can be based on printing method, ink name and ink type.
  • Most mark types now have an extra color option to set their color to 'Black'.

Several improvements have been done to the Dynamic Barcodes plugin:

  • The EAN-8 barcode now has support for add-on characters
  • The EAN-8 and EAN-13 barcodes now have a new option to put the add-on characters on top or below the bars
  • New application identifiers have been added to the GS1 barcodes: 235, 417, 7040
  • Barcode recognition: When converting a single color image to a barcode, its color can now correctly be recognized
  • You can now expand Dynamic Barcodes to paths by using the Expand feature from the fly-out menu in the palette

The Packaging Preflight plugin is now based on the latest customer released PitStop 2019 technology.

The PDF Import plugin not only is available as a perpetual license but now also as a named user subscription license.

DeskPack users can now create a dashboard to monitor which features they use and how often, how many files they process with their Esko plug-ins and configure reports using this data. To do so, they need to opt-in so Esko can start collecting usage data. This opt-in is named and is using EskoID.

DeskPack 18.1.1 is no longer supporting Adobe CC2017 but adds support for CC2020. macOS Catalina is now supported.