Solution Services

Esko's Solution Services helps you take cost out of processes, raise productivity and improve the quality of your output.

Our team of experienced Solution Architects provides business and technical expertise adapted to your specific requirements.

In addition, our Project Management Professionals help you achieve your project objectives.

The services we provide focus on any of the following areas:

Solution Workshops - Prioritize your projects and opportunities for ROI.

  • Quick Win Audits - that identify “quick win” improvement opportunities in your process, and the use of your Esko tools.
  • Discovery Workshops - that analyze your high-level business requirements and define the best solutions to achieve your specific objectives.

Operational Excellence - Enhance pre-press and production workflow and effectiveness.

  • Workflow Optimization - that assesses and implements proposed enhancements to your existing workflows or helps you build new workflows.

Color Excellence - Get color right the first time, every time.

  • Flexo Excellence - a modular program that aims to optimize your flexo operations.
  • Print Standardization - to help you achieve ISO, GRACoL and PSO certification for quality print output.
  • Concentric Screening - to help you adopt halftone dot technology for offset printing that leads to greater quality and important ink savings.
  • Expanded Gamut Printing - that helps you identify optimal multicolor ink sets and implement enhanced color management procedures and control.
  • Training, Seminars - that teach you anything you need to know about color.

Integration Excellence - Connect your systems for workflow efficiency.

  • Integration for packaging design and collaboration workflows - helping you integrate your ERP or other business system with Esko's ArtiosCAD and WebCenter.
  • Integration for prepress workflows - using JDF/JMF based integration between your MIS system and Esko’s Automation Engine.

Collaboration Excellence: streamline collaboration in the packaging supply chain.

  • Packaging Collaboration - where we help you scope, design and implement optimized artwork management and packaging lifecycles for your business based on Esko's WebCenter.

Project Management: Achieve your projects on time, within budget and at the expected quality.

  • Our Project Management Professionals apply knowledge on key areas (scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources and risks) and appropriate project management processes (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing) to conduct each project effectively and efficiently.