Studio Toolkit for Flexibles- Flexible Packaging Software

Studio Toolkit for Flexibles, the Flexible Packaging Software

No two flexible packages are the same. Pillow bags or pouches exist in all sizes and with all kinds of content. Studio has a unique design tools for flexible packaging. You can make great flexible packaging shapes in a matter of minutes.

The Studio Toolkit for Flexibles is a unique application to create 3D models of flexible packaging. In Adobe® Illustrator®, ArtPro or Package you can see your artwork on the flexible pack in 3D, find and correct mistakes, automatically create a back match and produce great-looking 3D PDF files.

;">Toolkit for Flexibles requires Designer. This toolkit is not available for a free trial. Please contact your regional sales."




All you have to do is pick a type of package and fill in the settings from the filling machine. To make the pack unique you can interact with it. See it move like the real thing. Add air and liquid filling or insert a geometric shape to mimic a candy bar, biscuit or ice cream. It’s so much faster than other modeling tools because it has built in filling and substrate knowledge.



You’ll see your artwork instantly in 3D in the Studio window in Illustrator, ArtPro or PackEdge. You can make sure that fin seals or gussets do not obstruct important design elements. And the distribute tool will help you make perfect “back-matches”.

Open the design in Studio Visualizer to check your opaque white backing and to see metallic inks and sealing reliefs. Thanks to the print modeling technology, Visualizer can even tell you how the backside of the film will look.

Studio Toolkits for Flexibles 

Toolkit for Flexibles functionality

Toolkit for Flexibles is an application to create flexible packaging shapes for Designer and Visualizer.

  • Pillow bags, gusseted bags, rectangular stand-up pouches, three & four sided sealed pouches, Quattro-seal bags and diaper bags
  • Change dimensions & content
  • Various tools to Interact with the shape
  • Exports to a Collada file with matching key lines for Designer and Visualizer
  • Application for Mac OS and Windows.