Accurate brand and spot color matching

The combination of unique spot color profiling and spectral ink modeling provides absolute accuracy and predictability for spot color simulation.

Color consistency

In combination with the color database, The Color Engine Pilot provides the perfect tool set for creating and maintaining critical brand colors, creation of spot color profiles and other color conversion settings. The Color Engine maintains consistency throughout a production environment by ensuring every application and operator works with the same color critical data.

Color Independence

The Color Engine utilizes spectral color information to retain true color independence. Working with spectral data means you can specify the required light source when managing color. It is now possible to manage color for every device used within packaging & print production, including monitors, proofers, press, digital press. The Color Engine also makes it simple to convert between different color spaces: RGB, CMYK, Spot or MultiColor.

Esko Color Engine is the only prepress production environment that connects to the revolutionary PantoneLIVE workflow. Accurate brand color standards are defined in the PantoneLIVE cloud, based on real print on real substrate. These colors are then shared at all parts of the packaging supply chain, making possible a truly integrated color workflow from design through to print.

Everyone needs access to the same color information. PantoneLIVE creates an environment of color predictability, so color critical decisions can be made upfront and consistently produced color can be delivered to the shelf.